FROGS – 1991 – Paul Williams – Shelly Duvall – FROG sequel


“Frog” sequel – 1991 – Paul Williams – Shelly Duvall – Elliot Gould – Judith Ivey – Scott Grimes

Category: Comedy


  • LadyNicky007

    When Shelly starts talking… I hear *_OLIVE_* in the Popye Movie… I guess Shelly has been Olive all of her life…just born to be that character! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • sevelatula

    Does anyone know the title of the movie where Shelley Duvall Kisses a frog to turn him into a prince? Both Frog movies are not the one. I have been looking for this movie for years.Thanks!


    I only recently saw the first film and in my opinion it doesn’t hold a candle to this film I know they aren’t masterpieces and are more like Disney Channel films but that’s what makes them so great and I honestly think it has a subtle environmental message because the construction workers are aware of the problem and try to resolve it and honestly it’s not really an environmental film plus Arlo feels like a real person and not just a stereotypical science geek talking to reptiles and amphibians I’m gonna be honest I didn’t like arlo in the first movie but here I think he’s great as well as Gus and him enjoying his frog paradise plus the frogs actually feel like characters even though it’s just the actors just doing a voice over on the frogs they actually feel like characters to me even the ones who don’t talk like Beatrice and shartroose (sorry I can’t spell her name) feel like characters plus the pond is so cool i loved catching frogs as a kid (I let them be as a teenager and adult) and my mom got me this movie on vhs and I watched it all the time and made me love frogs even more


    I’m quite impressed they were able to get get all of the key actors to play in the sequel 4 years later. I understand none of them are big names but that just doesn’t happen, especially for cheap productions.