Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music Best Rock, music Of All Time 60s and 70s


Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music Best Rock, music Of All Time 60s and 70s

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  • Fergal Fox

    I live in Manchester England I had never really researched about the vietnam war but because of lockdown in the present pandemic I decided to watch a six part documentary about the war and it was riveting I never realised the average age of the U. S. Soldier serving in Vietnam was just 19yo I eventually found it really sad that those brave soldiers were fighting in a war that was so unpopular back home I actually cried at one point when one marine went home and on arriving back in the states was treated so badly at the airport he could not wait to get home and get out of the uniform he was so proud to wear, I respect each and everyone of you brave veterans God bless you all, my grandfather fought in the British army in the first world war for 4 years and seen such horrors that he committed suicide 12 years after the war.

  • Jesse none

    I was stationed at Yuma Proving Grounds, and 2 guys volunteered to go to Vietnam because they said they were bored. We all thought they were crazy. later I got sent to Germany, lucky me.

  • Kenneth Kuk

    I know there is a higher power, bless all vets.Dad served as a Sgt in WWII,final March into Germany had to slaughter innocents.Lived to survive, never spoke of it.Nerves killed him because of it at age 52, I was 17. I am still pissed off and will be so until we meet again..Am a rocker at heart, play the electric guitar; he played an acoustic Gibson in polka bands.