Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music – Best Rock Music Of All Time – 60s and 70s Rock Playlist


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  • Fred Maxwell

    I read where people cannot believe how the soldiers sent to Vietnam were treated. They were treated horribly and why……..because of the press, news, turning people against the soldiers trying to survive. It was the Press/News that turned people against the soldiers and the Press/News is still doing the same thing, turning people against people instead of reporting the news.

  • Romel Twal

    My father served for 26 years, he’s now 84, great dad. When I see a vet, I thank him/her for their service, these folks are our heroes. It’s sad to see the younger generation that have no idea what it means “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” or what it means to respect our flag. Awesome list of songs

  • Bill Nicholson

    Lets just remember till today are abused by the VA and government as disposables. Vet suicides steady at 22+- until Covid scandemic struck, Vet suicides climbed by 20%.. VA mantra ‘Ignore Deny Hope you Die’.